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5 Essential Bitters For Your At Home Bar

Often overlooked, bitters are an essential ingredient for your at home bar.   Especially when you are looking to make a true old fashioned or pink gin.  They are the secret sauce when it comes to crafting the perfect cocktail that is sure to impress your guests.  

What are Bitters?

Bitters were originally used for their medicinal benefits, but soon found their way into cocktails, adding unique concentrated flavors to enhance any and all cocktails. Bitters for cocktails usually comprised of a variety of spices, roots, and herbs distilled in a base liquor.  Angostura were the first bitters to be mass produced and are a staple for your home bar.  

If you are looking to start experimenting with bitters, we recommend you start with these most common 5 bitters.  

1. Aromatic Bitters

Maybe the most popular bitters, aromatic bitters help to intensify flavors of other ingredients and helps to counteract the harshness of some spirits.  They are even great after a big meal to help aid in digestion.  Dominant flavor notes typically include cinnamon, cardamom and anise and are very fragrant, full of clove as well as subtle fruit.  Angostura bitters is by far one of the most popular in this category, and are great in a whiskey Old Fashioned, Manhattan or Pink Gin.  A personal favorite, I use in just about all my cocktails.  A couple dashes does the trick, and a small bottle goes a long way!  The perfect bourbon gifts.  

Check out these great options of aromatic bitters:

 2. Orange Bitters

Made primarily of orange peels, orange bitters were introduced around the mid-1800s.  Similar flavors as aromatic, but with added citrusy flavors from the orange peel and coriander.  

Great flavor profile addition to an Old Fashioned, Black Manhattan, Revolver,  Blood Orange Martini and much more.  If you have not tried a Revolver yet, I highly suggest you mix one up!

Check out these great options for orange bitters:

3. Celery Bitters 

These bitters are perfect for Bloody Mary, Ceasar, Dry Martini, Gin & Tonic and Old Fashioned.  Notes of grapes, lemongrass, celery leaf, and coriander, Celery bitters will have your tastebuds in a frenzy.  

Check out these great options for celery bitters:

4. Chocolate

Another favorite, chocolate bitters pair very well with aged spirits such as whiskey, tequila and brandy.  The perfect addition to a Manhattan and is great in a Tequila Old Fashioned.  Wondering what is a Tequila Old Fashioned is?  Swap your favor Old Fashioned Recipe with a Reposado tequila and it won't disappoint.  A lot of spice, some bitterness and obviously deep notes of dark chocolate add bold flavor.  If you enjoy a bit of vanilla and cinnamon, this is a great one to experiment with.  

Check out these great options for chocolate bitters:

5. Grapefruit

Given their bright and citrusy taste, grapefruit bitters work best in clear spirits like Blanco tequila, gin and vodka.  Perfect for a classic G&T or throw a couple dashes into your next margarita.

Check out these great options for chocolate bitters:

Too many options or are you undecided?  Maybe best to sample several flavors at once to help you pinpoint your favorite.  These sampler packs are great for just that.  These small bottles are perfect for experimenting and we recommend you check out these options.  

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Be sure to check out our Cocktail Kits as well!  All of these bitters featured here would pair fantastically with our kits.  We provide you the tools, recipes and know-how to make you a master mixologist in no time! 

Both a great addition to any bar set, and make the perfect cocktail gift.  


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