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Our Story

Our journey started as two friends, one a former bartender, with stools pulled up to the bar of the latest cocktail lounge that had just opened, rehashing each other's day.  Finding time to enjoy handcrafted faire was becoming more difficult each day as our professional and personal lives progressed with promotions, marriages and soon kids. But there we were, both mesmerized by the mixologist crafting cocktail art right before our eyes.  Admiring the presentation of that clear block of ice, submerged in liquid gold, we each grabbed the sturdy rocks glasses from the bar top and declared, “Cheers''!  That first sip of a classic whiskey Old Fashioned did it, we were hooked!  Questioning to ourselves how we could share our same passion for handcrafted food and beverages with others, we quickly started breaking down the essentials needed.  As they say, the rest is history.

Mixologist Serving Cocktails

Craft Connections Co was built on the premise that homemade just tastes better, period!  The fast pace at which life was moving simply didn’t feel right anymore.  The process of making cocktails for example is just as enjoyable as drinking it in the presence of other’s company.  Or maybe it’s because of the all-natural ingredients used, the pride and confidence that comes with handcrafting something yourself, or those lasting memories made with friends and family.  Maybe it’s all of the above?

Each of our kits include the essential tools, recipes and know-how to handcraft various food and beverages.   Making craft food and beverages doesn’t have to be intimidating or feel like rocket science. Our goal is to make people happy and inspire those to create while taking life a little slower.  All of our kits come in gift-ready packaging, make perfect gifts for the person who already has everything.  Who knows, you may just want to keep one for yourself!  

Craft Connections Co wholeheartedly believes that our customers come first.  Whatever it takes, we promise we will ensure you are 100% satisfied.  Check out our reviews across multiple sales channels and you’ll see for yourself why we pride ourselves on this customer-first mentality. 

“Drink What Makes You Happy With Friends Who Make You Laugh” - Unknown 
Enhance Your Craft with Craft Connections Co - Cheers!

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