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6 Essential Bar Tools for Mixologists

If you're looking to create a home bar, you'll need to invest in a few essential tools to make your drinks with style and ease. From cocktail shakers to strainers, there are a few must-have tools that every home bar should have. In this article, we'll explore the essential tools you need for a home bar, so you can mix up your favorite cocktails like a pro. 

  1. Cocktail Shaker - A cocktail shaker is an essential tool for any home bar. It's used to mix ingredients together and cool them down by adding ice. There are three types of shakers - the Boston shaker, the cobbler shaker, and the French shaker. The Boston shaker is the most commonly used, and it consists of two metal cups that fit together to shake your drink. 
  2. Jigger - A jigger is a small measuring cup used to measure the exact amount of liquid for your cocktail. It's essential for creating cocktails with precise measurements, and it's available in different sizes. We suggest the OXO Steel Double Jigger with multiple measurement lines for the perfect pour every time.  
  3. Strainer A strainer is used to separate the liquid from the ice or other solid ingredients when pouring your drink. There are two types of strainers - the Hawthorne strainer and the Julep strainer. The Hawthorne strainer is the most commonly used, and it has a spring that fits over the shaker to strain your drink, but the Julep strainer is more unique and offers a retro-craft feel for your home bar.  
  4. Bar Spoon - A bar spoon is a long, twisted spoon used to stir cocktails that are served over ice. It's also used for layering drinks or muddling ingredients in the glass. A good bar spoon should have a twisted handle, which makes it easy to grip and use. We suggest Barfly Muddle Bar Spoon because it offers a muddler on one end for versatility and comes in multiple colors to fit any décor.  
  5. Citrus Juicer - A citrus juicer is used to extract the juice from lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits. It's an essential tool for making cocktails that require fresh citrus juice, such as the margarita, daiquiri and Paloma. For the occasional cocktail, a handheld juicer like the Zulay Premium Squeezer is great, but if you are entertaining and require large amounts of citrus, you should consider an electric option, like the Vinci Hands-Free juicer 
  6. Ice molds – Nothing sets a home-made cocktail apart like unique ice cubes. Large cubes melt much slower, so many craft cocktails rely on large cubes or spheres to keep the beverages cold longer without diluting your creation. Elevate your home cocktails and impress your friends and family by starting your drinks with perfect spheres, large cubes, or even more unique shapes like roses or skulls 

            There are several essential tools that every home bar should have. From cocktail shakers to citrus juicers, these tools will help you create your favorite cocktails with ease and style. So, invest in the right tools and start experimenting with different cocktails to impress your guests and enjoy your favorite drinks at home.